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San Antonio Child Support Attorney

You might be tempted to represent yourself pro se in your divorce. However, without the help of an experienced lawyer, you could either not get the full support you need for your child or wind up paying too much in support. Although everyone wants to make sure the children have the financial help they need, it is critical to work with an attorney who can help make sure the final support order is equitable for you as well as for your child.At Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, PLLC, we handle negotiations and litigation for clients throughout the San Antonio, Texas, area in child support and other family law matters. With more than 20 years of trial experience, our family law attorneys Javier Oliva and Carlo Garcia have the confidence needed to represent our clients’ interests aggressively in the courtroom or at the negotiating table. Talk with an attorney from our firm about how we can help you get the best outcome possible regarding child support in your divorce.

Child support representation in San Antonio

In Texas, child support is determined by the child support calculator, which takes into account a number of financial factors to make a determination. At Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, PLLC, we can help you get a sense for the type of support order you will be facing and we can work with the court, if appropriate, to obtain a deviation from the initial support determination.

We help clients with a range of other child support-related issues, including:

  • Child support modifications: If you have experienced a job loss or other substantial change in circumstances, we can petition for an increase or decrease in the support payments.
  • Child support enforcement: If your ex-spouse is not making regular child support payments as ordered by the court, we can help you enforce the orders.
  • Child support cases involving the Attorney General: The Attorney General (AG) handles cases involving child support matters for couples who are not married. Many people think that the AG represents them in these cases, but this is not the case. If you don’t work with a lawyer in cases handled by the AG, you will have no one protecting your rights and interests. Our lawyers have experience with this process, and we can represent your interests throughout your case.

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