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Skilled San Antonio Attorneys Assist with Family Issues

Texas litigators blend legal knowledge with compassionate support

At Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, PLLC, we truly enjoy working together and supporting one another. So when you come to us for help with a family law matter, you can count on a legal team who not only knows the law but also understands that you are dealing with issues that are deeply personal. Our dedicated lawyers represent clients throughout the San Antonio area, providing legal representation that is backed by experience and delivered with compassion. Whether you’re going through a divorce, require a child support modification, or wish to welcome an adopted child into your family, our Texas attorneys will handle your case with professionalism and care so that you and your family can move forward with confidence.

Accomplished advocates provide comprehensive divorce representation

Ending a marriage is never easy; it can often be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to be represented by legal professionals who are both knowledgeable and compassionate. We guide clients through the entire divorce process and give them a full understanding of issues such as:

  • Filing and grounds — Texas allows residents to file for divorce by alleging one of several fault grounds or by claiming that the union is no longer supportable due to differences between the parties. We will advise you on which option is better for you. To file for divorce, one of the spouses must be a state resident for at least six months.
  • Child custody — When divorcing spouses share minor children, nothing is more important than providing a safe, supportive environment for them after the marriage ends. Texas judges, like judges in other states, make child custody determinations based on what they believe is in the best interest of the child. This usually means maintaining meaningful and frequent contact with both parents. We will advocate strongly for an arrangement that works for you and your child.
  • Property division — As a community property state, Texas divides income and assets acquired during the course of the marriage equally between the parties. Our lawyers ensure that accurate information is presented to the court and that marital and separate property are properly classified.
  • Spousal maintenance — Texas can order post-divorce maintenance payments, often known as alimony, if a spouse cannot meet his or her basic needs and one of several other factors exist. For instance, if a person cannot support herself due to a disability or has been married more than 10 years and lacks sufficient earning ability, spousal maintenance might be awarded.
  • Military divorce — Our attorneys have the skills, experience and commitment to our armed forces to handle the sometimes complex issues involved in military divorce.

Our counsel is always focused on finding a resolution that maximizes your well-being and that of your child. We are always willing and prepared to go trial, but we can often save you time and expense by reaching consensus through negotiation or mediation.

Lawyers help parents petition for child support modification and enforcement

Whether parents were married or not, they have a legal obligation to provide financial support to their children. If you are receiving child support and the noncustodial parent is not abiding by the terms of a support order, immediate action is necessary to protect your child. We can bring the violation to the court’s attention and seek compliance along with back payments. Conversely, if you must pay support and substantial changes in circumstances have made the child support order or other divorce decrees no longer fair, our firm can petition the court for an appropriate modification.

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