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Hands-on, personalized service

For most people, any type of legal issue can cause significant stress and anxiety.  OSGC legal representation involves much more than just legal knowledge. You need a legal team that knows the law, but also lawyers who truly care about your legal needs.

At Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel, PLLC, we represent clients throughout the State of Texas. Our lawyers have more than 25 years of experience, and we share a firm commitment to giving our clients the best legal attention possible.

In addition to being professional, we are also empathetic and compassionate. We look forward to working closely with you every step of the way.

Assertive, intelligent representation

Although our lawyers have the skill and ability to be aggressive against our clients’ opponents, our experience has taught us that this is not the best approach for every case.

Whenever possible, we try to find amicable solutions through non-litigious means. This usually saves our clients time, money and stress, and some of our best case results have come not through being adversarial, but by reaching out and negotiating sensibly with the other side.

Local San Antonio attorneys

Our lawyers are deeply rooted in the San Antonio community.  All four of the firm’s founding members attended law school locally in San Antonio and stay actively involved in St. Mary’s Law School.

Learn more about the individual members of our team by following the links below.

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We pride ourselves on being a mid-sized firm, which allows us to remain flexible and affordable in handling our clients’ cases.

We offer free consultations for certain legal matters. Call 210-308-6600 or contact us online.

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